Sentence Examples with the word laser

She made a show of arming the laser gun.

Her heart began to beat even faster, and she pulled free the laser gun.

He pulled a laser gun from his boot and placed it at her temple.

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The gunman rested back on his heels to load a new laser charge pack.

The laser gun was at his side.

Brady rested his laser gun on his shoulder, taking in the undisturbed minefield and pieces of bodies remaining after several of the intruders tried to cross the bio-elim field before it was disabled.

She had a laser gun, even if she couldn't hit a target two feet in front of her.

Brady approached the five soldiers in urban gray tactical suits crowded around the small box with a hole still smoking from a hit by a wayward laser bullet.

The sound of a laser gun went off, and warm blood splattered her.

Light flashed and Lana gave a strangled cry as the laser gun glanced off her wrist.