Sentence Examples with the word lapsed

Aslong as he lived England was the centre of a great Northern empire, for Canute reconquered Norway, which had lapsed into independence after his fathers death, and extended his power into the Baltic. Moreover, all the so-called Scandinavian colonists in the Northern Isles and Ireland owned him as overlord.

Once again they lapsed into silence, but again Jennifer Radisson made no move to leave.

The treaty lapsed in 1890, and owing to Bismarcks dismissal was not renewed.

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The Treaty of Defence lapsed in 1637, but as early as 1634 the British made peace with Portugal.

Pamphylia was for a short time included in the dominions of Amyntas, king of Galatia, but after his death lapsed into a district of a Roman province, and its name is not again mentioned in history.

In 1854 it would have lapsed to the British government for want of direct heirs, but was conferred on Jagat Raj as a special act of grace.

Without heirs, Nagpur lapsed to the British paramount power.

Then on the extinction of this family in 1884 it lapsed to the crown of Prussia.

It was then decided that such rights should cease, except in the case of princes of royal blood and members then sitting, and that when all the hereditary peerages had lapsed the house should be composed of the princes of the royal blood, the archbishops and bishops of the continental dioceses, a hundred legislative peers appointed by the king for life, and fifty elected every new parliament by the Commons.

The borough returned two members to parliament from this date until the Redistribution Act of 1885, but the other privileges appear to have lapsed in the reign of Elizabeth.