Sentence Examples with the word lapp

Friis, professor of Lapp in the university of Christiania, has published Lappiske Sprogprover: en samling Lapp. eventyr, ordsprog, og gilder (Christiania, 1856), and Lappisk mythologi eventyr og folkesagn (Christiania, 1871).

In Scandinavia laws have been directed against the importation of intoxicating liquors into the Lapp country since 1723.

Add to these some 3000 for Russian Lapland, and the total Lapp population approximates to 30,000.

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Any Lapp who had attained to manhood could in ordinary circumstances consult the drum for himself, but in matters of unusual moment the professional wizard (naid, noide or noaide) had to be called in.

Should the summer be very cool and the mosquitoes few, the Lapp finds it next to impossible to bring the creatures together.

In the wandering life of the mountain Lapp his autumn residence, on the borders of the forest district, may be considered as the central point; it is there that he erects his njalla, a small wooden storehouse raised high above the ground by one or more piles.

At Haparanda and Mattisudden in Norbotten there are special institutions for teachers for the Finnish and Lapp population respectively.

Russia, even then were subdivided into Ugrians, Permyaks, Bulgarians and Finns proper, who drove back the previous Lapp population from what is now Finland, and about the 7th century penetrated to the S.

About the end of August they are again let loose, but they are once more collected in October, the forest Lapp during winter pursuing the same course of life as the mountain Lapp.

Grammars of the Lapp tongue have been published by Fjellstrom (1738), Leem (1748), Rask (1832), Stockfleth (1840); lexicons by Fjellstrom (1703), Leem (1768-1781), Lindahl (1780), Stockfleth (1852).