Sentence Examples with the word laos

The Church now has, besides these missions, others in India (1834), Siam (1840), China (1846),(1846), Colombia (1856), Brazil (1859),(1859), Japan (1859), Laos (1867),(1867), Mexico (transferred in 1872 by the American and Foreign Christian Union), Chile (transferred in 1873 by the same Union; first established in 1845), Guatemala (1882),(1882), Korea (1884)(1884) and the Philippine Islands (1899).

The many contradictory accounts of the Laos are due to the fact that the race has become much mixed with the aboriginal inhabitants.

From this condition, however, it was raised a few years later by the great conqueror and national hero Phra Naret, who after subduing Laos and Cambodia invaded Pegu, which was utterly overthrown in the next century by his successors.

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After 1828 the Laos became entirely subject to Siam, and were governed partly by khiao, or native hereditary princes, partly by mandarins directly nominated by the Bangkok authorities.

Nearly all the Laos country is now divided between France and Siam, and only a few tribes retain a nominal independence.

The Sheng-li or Li proper, called also La, Le or Lauy, are probably connected with the Laos of Siam and the Lobos of China.

By the French Laos country and by Cambodia, S.

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In area, is encircled by well-defined boundaries, the great river Mekong dividing it clearly from French Laos on the N.