Sentence Examples with the word lantern

Her head nodded once and she jerked it up, blinking in the lantern light.

When they arrived at the catacombs, Frederick took the lantern from his manservant and instructed him to wait.

She retreated to her room and turned up the lantern overhead to hide the light of her micro.

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A low span, with dwarf side walls, and a lantern ventilator along the ridge, the height in the centre being 9 ft., would be very well adapted for the purpose.

The slender turrets massed round the western towers and the octagonal central tower, which forms a lantern within, are conspicuous features of the church.

The harbour, a natural recess among the cliffs, is sheltered on the east by Hilsborough Head, where there are some alleged Celtic remains; on the west by Lantern Hill, where the ancient chapel of St Nicholas has been transformed into a lighthouse.

When all was in readiness the three took their seats in the buggy and Jim started cautiously along the way, Zeb driving while the Wizard and Dorothy each held a lighted lantern so the horse could see where to go.

Corridors punctuated by lantern stretched in each direction off the room.

So he carried the lantern back for quite a distance, while Dorothy and the Wizard followed at his side.

From their platform a stair descended into the house, and the children and the Wizard explored it after lighting a lantern to show them the way.