Sentence Examples with the word languedoc

In 1380 he was sent into Languedoc to suppress disturbances and brigandage, provoked by the harsh government of the duke of Anjou.

He was made colonel-general of the Swiss regiment, governor of Languedoc and master of the hounds of France.

Excommunicated the sectaries of Languedoc and their abettors, Alexander even sending armed missions to hunt them down and punish them.

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On the revocation of the Edict of Nantes he was sent to Languedoc to confirm the new converts in the Catholic faith, and he had extraordinary success in this delicate mission.

He was of Italian extraction, and his ancestor Francois Andreossy (1633-1688) had been concerned with Riquet in the construction of the Languedoc Canal in 1669.

He received, however, the province of Languedoc. The peasant revolt of the Tuchins and Coquins, as the insurgents were called, was suppressed with great harshness, and the duke exacted from the states of Languedoc assembled at Lyons a fine of f i 5,000.

The Maillotins, as the Parisian insurgents were named from the weapon they used, gained the upper hand in Paris, and were able temporarily to make terms, but the commune of Rouen was abolished, and the Tuchins, as the marauders in Languedoc were called, were pitilessly hunted down.

Sent by his father in 1439 to direct the defence of Languedoc against the English, and to put down the brigandage in Poitou, he was induced by the rebellious nobles to betray his trust and place himself at the head of the Praguerie.

The duke then made him lieutenant-general in Languedoc and Guienne.

Guillaume De BONNE-CARRERE (1754-1825), French diplomatist, was born at Muret in Languedoc on the 13th of February 1754.