Sentence Examples with the word language

Among his many works are: Grammatica syriaca (1867-1870); Vocabulary of the Tigre language (1868); Das Gedicht vom Hiob (1871); Die Prophetie des Joel and ihre Ausleger (1879); Die Saadjanische Ubersetzung der Hohenlieder ins Arabische (1882); Chrestomathia targumica (1888); Historia artis grammaticae apud Syros (1889); Ein samaritanisches Fragment (1893); Idee and Grundlinien einer allgemeiner Geschichte der Mystik (1893).

Nor is he less successful when recording pathetic events, for his stories of certain martyrdoms, and of the execution of Mary queen of Scots, are told with exquisite feeling and in language of well-restrained emotion.

These articles, while not lacking in a certain cleverness, were violent and abusive, and purposely couched in foul language in order to appeal to the mob.

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Two travelers in dusty desert garb spoke in a language unrecognizable to Howie.

An attempt has been made to show that the Australians have close affinities with the African negro peoples, and certain resemblances in language and in customs have been relied on.

Lan guage.Since the year 1820, when Klaproth concluded that the Japanese language had sprung from the Ural-Altaic stock, philologists have busied themselves in tracing its affinities.

Elsewhere to a remarkable degree the Arabic language has extinguished the Berber tongue, though no doubt in vulgar Tunisian a good many Berber words remain.

Popularly any inhabitant of Afghanistan is known as Afghan on the Indian frontier without distinction of origin or language; but the language division between the Parsiwan (or Persian-speaking Afghan) and the Pathan is a very distinct one.

The Germanic tribes had no need to use the Latin language until they had coalesced with the Gallo-Roman population.

In this point therefore the Homeric language is manifestly older.