Sentence Examples with the word langley

While Langley conducted his preliminary experiments in 1889, he did not construct and test his steam-driven flying models until 1893.

When Langley published his work the law of radiation as a function of the temperature was not yet established.

P. Langley devised his bolometer, which was a much more sensitive instrument than the thermopile, he, in conjunction with F.

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SAMUEL PIERPONT LANGLEY (1834-1906), American physicist and astronomer, was born at Roxbury, Boston, Massachusetts, on the 22nd of August 1834.

P. Langley and Sir Hiram S.

P. Langley in 18 93 at Mount Whitney in California (14,000 ft.), with the bolometer, an exceedingly sensitive instrument which he invented, and which enabled him to feel his way thermally over the whole spectrum, noting all the Constant.

P. Langley has proposed to obviate such ill-effects by stirring the air included within a telescope tube.