Sentence Examples with the word landlocked

It has a large number of landlocked nations without ports to access the international markets, both for imports and exports.

The capital, St George, in the south-west, is built upon a lava peninsula jutting into the sea and forming one side of its landlocked harbour.

Long was begun in 1898 and the bar has been deepened, and further improvements of the inner harbour at Wilmington (which is nearly landlocked by a long narrow island lying nearly east and west across its mouth) were begun in 1907.

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The pouch-shaped, landlocked bay is spacious and easy of access.

The explanation appears to be that the shallow and landlocked waters of the Zuider Zee, as well as the sea on the Dutch coast, become raised to a higher temperature in summer than any part of the sea about the British coasts, and that therefore anchovies are able to spawn and maintain their numbers in these waters.

The coast of Brazil is indented with a number of almost landlocked bays, forming spacious and accessible harbours.

The town is traversed by canals, and the harbour, which has from 4 to 8 fathoms water, is landlocked by several islands.

The Gulf of Nicoya, a shallow landlocked inlet, containing a whole archipelago of richly-wooded islets, derives its name from Nicoya, an Indian chief who, with his tribe, was here converted to Christianity in the 16th century.

At the north end of the first is the Reloncavi, a large and nearly landlocked bay, on which stands Puerto Montt, the southern terminus of the Chilean central railway.

The Taitza lake is divided only by a strip of marshland from Lake Razim, a broad landlocked sheet of water which opens on the Black Sea.