Sentence Examples with the word lander

Of the collection Die Lander Osterreich-Ungarns in Wort and Bild (Vienna, 1881-1889, 15 vols.); Die osterreichisch-ungarische Monarchie in Wort and Bild, vol.

The Popo Agie and Lander fields produce the largest quantities of oil, the wells being partly gushers from which a heavy fuel oil is obtained.

Among the other higher institutions of learning are the college of Charleston (1790, non-sectarian), Newberry College (1858, Lutheran) at Newberry, the Presbyterian College of South Carolina (1880) at Clinton, Erskine College (1839, Associate Reformed Presbyterian) at Due West, Furman University (1852, Baptist) at Greenville, and Wofford College (1854, Methodist Episcopal South) at Spartanburg; for women, Converse College (1890, non-sectarian) at Spartanburg, the College for Women (1890, Presbyterian) at Columbia, Columbia College (1859, nonsectarian) near Columbia, Greenville Female College (1854, Baptist) at Greenville, Lander Female College (1872, until 1903 at Williamston, and until 1904 the Williamston Female College, Methodist Episcopal South) at Greenwood, and the Due West Female College (1859, Associate Reformed Presbyterian) at Due West; and for negroes, Claflin University (1869, Methodist Episcopal) at Orangeburg, Allen University (1881, African Methodist Episcopal) at Columbia, and several normal and industrial schools.

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In 1832 Macgregor Laird established the African Steamship Company, and Richard Lander and R.

On Clapperton's death Richard Lander and his brother John led in 1830 an expedition which went overland from Badagry to the Niger.

Umlauft, Die Lander OsterreichUngarns in Wort and Bild (Vienna, 1879-1889, 15 vols., 12th volume, 1886, deals with Hungary), Die osterreichische Monarchie in Wort and Bild (Vienna 1888-1902, 24 vols., 7 vols.

Flathe (1867-1873); Sturmhofel, Geschichte der sachsischen Lande and ihrer Herrscher (Chemnitz, 1897-1898); and Tutzschmann, Atlas zur Geschichte der sdchsischen Lander (Grimma, 1852).

Umlauft, Die Lander OsterreichUngarns in Wort and vol.

Juritsch, Geschichte der Babenberger and ihrer Lander (Innsbruck, 1894); M.

Umlauft, Die Lander 0sterreichUngarns in Wort and Bild, (15 vols., Vienna, 1881-1889), vol.