Sentence Examples with the word land mass

The land mass of Australia rises to a mean height much less than that of any other continent; and the chief mountain systems are parallel to, and not far from, the coast-line.

South America and North America follow this type most closely; Eurasia (the land mass of Europe and Asia) comes next, while Africa and Australia are farther removed from the type, and the structure of Antarctica and Greenland is unknown.

Landis was much larger in land mass than Tiyan.

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He showed that an imaginary spheroidal shell, concentric with the earth and cutting the slope between the elevated and depressed areas at the contour-line of 1700 fathoms, would not only leave above it a volume of the crust equal to the volume of the hollow left below it, but would also divide the surface of the earth so that the area of the elevated region was equal to that of the depressed region.6 A similar observation was made almost simultaneously by Romieux, 7 who further speculated on the equilibrium between the weight of the elevated land mass and that of the total Areas of waters of the ocean, and deduced some interesting relathe cru st tions between them.

This condition led up to the Carboniferous period, which began with fairly open sea over the south and north of England, but in the centre there rose an elevated land mass from which much of the Millstone Grit was derived; other land lay towards the north.

The Central Plateau has probably been a land mass ever since this period, but the rest of the country was flooded by the Palaeozoic sea.