Sentence Examples with the word lancers

The left wing was composed of the papal contingent, 6000 infantry and 800 gendarmes under Fabrizio Colonna; the centre, of half the Spanish contingent, 4000 infantry and 600 lancers under the viceroy; the right, of 1000 light horse under Pescara.

Behind the centre was the rest of the Spanish contingent, 600 lancers and 4000 infantry.

Here he learnt that Madrid had fallen to Napoleon (Dec. 3) after he had by a brilliant charge of the Polish lancers and chasseurs of the Guard forced the Somosierra Pass (Nov.

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On the 5th Scobell captured Lotter, who was subsequently executed for murder: though this was balanced a few days later by Smuts's successful attack on the 17th Lancers at Tarkastad.

A marble obelisk marks the spot where the 21st Lancers made a charge.

The 21st Lancers gallantly charged a body of 2000 dervishes which was unexpectedly met in a khor on the left flank, and drove them westward, the Lancers losing a fifth of their number in killed and wounded.

The following figures show the inflow of recruits: The army consists of about 250,000 officers and men of the regular forces on full pay, distributed (October 1909) as follows: By units, it is composed of 3 regiments of Household Cavalry, 7 regiments of Dragoon Guards, 3 of Dragoons, 6 of Lancers and 12 of Hussars (total cavalry, 31 regiments); 4 regiments of Foot Guards of 9 battalions, 51 English and Welsh, to Scottish and 8 Irish line infantry and rifle regiments (total infantry, 149 battalions); the Royal Regiment of Artillery, divided into Royal Horse and Field Artillery, and Royal Garrison Artillery-the R.H.A.