Sentence Examples with the word lanceolate

The rest of the head, the neck, throat and lower parts generally are clothed with lanceolate feathers of a pale tawny colour - sometimes so pale as to be nearly white beneath; while the scapulars, back and wing-coverts generally, are of a glossy greyish-black, most of the feathers having a white shaft and a median tawny line.

And 13, anal or lanceolate 8.

It has large glossy lanceolate leaves with a toothed margin.

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The outer lanceolate scapulars have one-half of their webs pure white, forming a conspicuous stripe along the side of the back.

Restoration, showing roots, trunk and branches bearing long lanceolate leaves and fructifications.

The plants have a short rhizome and narrow or lanceolate basal leaves; and they are characterized by the ovary being often half-inferior.

They are bulbous plants, the slender stems of which support themselves by tendril-like prolongations of the tips of some of the narrow generally lanceolate leaves.

Corresponding to these in the lower jaw is but one tooth on each side, which is of great size, directed horizontally forwards, narrow, lanceolate and pointed with sharp edges.

In height, and having trifoliate leaves, the leaflets being lanceolate and tapering at both ends (fig.

While all wings are graduated as explained, innumerable varieties occur as to their general contour, some being falcated or scythe-like, others oblong, others rounded or circular, some lanceolate and some linear.