Sentence Examples with the word lancashire

The Lancashire coal-field, and the portion of the bounding plain between it and the seaport of Liverpool, contain a population greater than that borne by any equal area in the country, the county of London and its surroundings not excepted.

Essex and Suffolk, Suffolk and Norfolk, Cornwall and Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cheshire, are all separated by rivers, while rivers form some part of the boundaries of almost every county.

American sheetings compete with Lancashire goods in the China market.

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It occupies a hilly site at the junction of the rivers Tame and Mersey; the larger part of the town lying on the south (left) bank, while the suburb of Heaton Norris is on the Lancashire bank.

In Lancashire the spectre-hound is called Trash or Striker.

Of Bolton,and 5 m.S.E of Chorley, on the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway.

Twelve presbyteries were erected in London; Shropshire and Lancashire were organized; and Bolton was so vigorous in the cause as to gain the name of the Gene Ta of Lancashire.

In the Lancashire and the Midland districts wire-rope guides have been introduced to a very considerable extent, with a view of meeting the above objections.

On methods of marketing to certain portions of the above must be added: Ellison's Cotton Trade of Great Britain; Chapman's Lancashire Cotton Industry (ch.

Of Burnley by the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway.