Sentence Examples with the word laminaria

A white efflorescence which appears on certain Brown Algae (Saccorhiza bulbosa, Laminaria saccharina), when they are dried in the air, is found to consist of mannite.

The intercalated growing region of Laminaria affords an example of another variety of growth in Phaeophyceae.

While there is a general tendency in the group to mucilaginous degeneration of the cell-wall, in Laminaria digitata there are also glands secreting a plentiful mucilage.

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Thus Laminaria digitata, which characterizes the lowest zone, is only occasionally exposed at all, and then only for short periods of time.

On the British coasts zones are observable in passing from high to low water mark, characterized by the prevalence of different species, thus: - Pelvetia canaliculata, Fucus platycarpus, Fucus vesiculosus, Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus serratus, Laminaria digitata.