Sentence Examples with the word lamb

Coleridge wrote to Charles Lamb averring that the book must be his work.

The principal linings are as follows: Sable sides, sable heads and paws, sable gills, mink sides, heads and gills, marten sides, heads and gills, Persian lamb pieces and paws, caracul lamb pieces or paws, musquash sides and heads, nutria sides, genet pieces, raccoon sides or flanks, fox sides, kolinski whole skins, and small rodents as kaluga and hamster.

The first month on the 14th day of the month is the Passover; the 15th day of this month shall be a feast; seven days unleavened bread to be eaten; first day a holy assembly with fire offering, two young bullocks and one lamb and seven firstling he-lambs without blemish, with appropriate meal offering and one he-goat for sin-offering; on the seventh day another hol assembly.

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The lamb thus drained of blood was to be roasted and entirely consumed by the Israelites, who should be ready with loins girded, shoes on feet and staff in hand so as to be prepared for the exodus.

But the lamb is so tiny.

The slaughter of a lamb at the Passover or Easter season, whose blood was smeared on the door-post, as described in Ex.

The ewes lamb from early in January till the end of February.

It was as if he'd tossed out a sacrificial lamb to a flock of vultures.

Participation in the mass also releases from guilt, as the Lamb of God offered up atones for sin and intercedes with the Father in our behalf.

The Tibet lamb so largely imported and used for children's wear is often miscalled Tibet goat.