Sentence Examples with the word laird

Cordovez Mauro, Reminiscencias Santafe y Bogota (Bogota, 1899); Norris and Laird (Bureau of Navigation), Telegraphic Determination of Longitudes in Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and on the North Coast of South America (Washington, 1891); R.

Macgregor Laird first organized in 1832 the navigation of the river Niger from its mouth to a point above the Benue confluence.

ROBERT LAIRD BORDEN (1854-), Canadian statesman, was born at Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, on the 26th of June 1854.

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After three such good fortunes by marriage Norfolk in his folly looked for a crown with a fourth match, listening to the laird of Lethington when he set forth the scheme by which the duke was to marry a restored queen of Scots and rule Scotland with her who should be recognized as Elizabeth's successor.

Sir John was certainly a friend of Creighton, laird of Branston, who was deeply implicated in the plot, but Creighton also befriended the reformer during his evangelical labours in Midlothian.

The manufacture of linen thread, introduced about 1720 by Christian Shaw, daughter of the laird of Bargarran, gave way in 1812 to that of cotton thread, which has since grown to be the leading industry of the town.

He early attracted the notice of Sir Roderick Murchison, through whom he was appointed surgeon and naturalist to the Niger expedition sent out in 1854 by Macgregor Laird with government support.

In 1832 Macgregor Laird established the African Steamship Company, and Richard Lander and R.

At this time Captain Stockton, of the United States navy, gave an order for a small iron vessel to be built by Laird of Birkenhead, and to be fitted by Ericsson with engines and screw.

CLEMENT LAIRD VALLANDIGHAM (1820-71), American politician, was born in New Lisbon, Ohio, on the 29th of July 1820.