Sentence Examples with the word lair

The rope was taut with his evil weight and she could hear his movements as he carefully climbed down the sheer wall to his ice-bound lair below.

In addition to the Historia there exists, in the library at Rouen, a manuscript edition of William of Jumieges' Historia Normannorum which Leopold Delisle assigns to Orderic (see this critic's Lettre a M Jules Lair (1873).

She whirled, but the vamp that had led her into the underground lair blocked the doorway.

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She went to the workstation monitoring the underground systems and saw with relief that the underground lair was functioning as normal.

On the north-east the principal heights are Ben Slioch (3217 ft.), whose sugar-loaf form dominates the landscape, Ben Lair (2817) and Ben Airidh-a-Char (2593), and, on the south-west, the peaks of Ben Eay, four of which exceed 3000 ft.

Each time the phone rang, Cynthia flinched, fearing some state minion was calling to drag Martha back to his lair in the dungeons of officialdom.

Like some huge many-limbed animal, the regiment began to prepare its lair and its food.

I'm the wicked witch-bitch who laid bread crumbs to my lair and seduced poor naive daddy.

The metal lair was much cooler than the air above ground, and water stained the walls on one side of the tunnel.

S'asseoir en forme, to sit in a row); a mould or shape on or in which an object is manufactured; the lair or nest of a hare.