Sentence Examples with the word laid

At the same time their avoidance of exact definition embodied in a rig i d creed, together with their disuse of the outward ordinances of Baptism and the Supper, has laid them open to considerable misunderstanding.

Deposed by the head of the Empire (April 18), and a mendicant friar, Pietro de Corbara, raised by an imperial decree to the throne of St Peter (as Nicholas V.) after a sham of a popular election (May 12), all this was merely the application of principles laid down in the Defensor pacis.

Brunel laid out the Great Western for a long distance out of London with a ruling gradient of i in 1320.

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Not only were the budgets not published, but no figures whatever were allowed to transpire in regard to the true position of the Turkish treasury - which laid the accuracy of even the limited number of budgets published open to suspicion.

He has been freely charged with gross misrepresentation, an accusation to which he laid himself open, for instance, in the account of the birth of James, the Old Pretender.

As in all such cases, the plain consists of marine (with some estuarine and flu viatile) stratified deposits, more or less indurated, which were laid down when the land stood lower and the sea had its shore line farther inland than to-day.

Soft clay was then carefully laid on to strengthen the mould, in considerable thickness, till the whole statue appeared like a shapeless mass of clay, round which iron hoops were bound to hold it all together.

Whilst the insurrection in La Vende was spreading, and Dumouriez falling back upon Neerwinden, sentence of death was laid upon migrs and refractory priests; the treachery of Dumouriez, disappointed in his Belgian projects, gave grounds First corn- for all kinds of suspicion, as that of Mirabeau had mittee ot formerly done, and led the Gironde to propose the public new government which they had refused to Danton.

This centralization of power (Synoecism), to which many Greek peoples never attained, laid the first foundations of Athenian greatness.

She has been laid up, poor child... at the Razumovski's ball... and Countess Apraksina...