Sentence Examples with the word lagging

The Principal Troubles Arose From Damp In The Lagging Which Necessitated The Rejection Of Several Trials, And From Dissolved Air In The Water, Causing Loss Of Heat By The Formation Of Steam.

Tikhon did not like riding, and always went on foot, never lagging behind the cavalry.

The road along which they moved was bordered on both sides by dead horses; ragged men who had fallen behind from various regiments continually changed about, now joining the moving column, now again lagging behind it.

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The emissivity was reduced to one-quarter by lagging the bar like a steam-pipe to a thickness of i in.

By taking advantage of this lagging that thermal treatment causes such wonderful changes in the properties of the cold metal.

I'm sure Mr. Dean doesn't want to wait up for an out-of-shape old lady lagging behind him.

The method of lagging the calorimeter with cotton-wool or other non-conductors, which is often recommended, diminishes the loss of heat considerably, but renders it very uncertain and variable, and should never be used in work of precision.

Next day, with the sole idea of not sparing himself and not lagging in any way behind them, Pierre went to the Three Hills gate.

Jim hastened his lagging steps at this assurance of a quick relief from the dark passage.

She hurriedly ascended the narrow dimly lit stone staircase, calling to Pierre, who was lagging behind, to follow.