Sentence Examples with the word lafayette

The memoirs of Lafayette are useful.

They had always disliked and distrusted Lafayette and the Feuillants, and preferred to rest their hopes of deliverance on the foreigner.

LEXINGTON, a city and the county-seat of Lafayette county, Missouri, U.S.A., situated on the S.

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During the Revolutionary War, George Washington made the Frenchman known as Lafayette a general in the Continental Army at age nineteen and promoted Alexander Hamilton to lieutenant colonel at age twenty.

At Green Spring, near Jamestown Island, Lafayette boldly attacked his antagonist on the 6th of July, but had to save himself by a hasty retreat.

At the outbreak of the revolution of 1830 he was absent from Paris, having undergone an operation, but he returned at the request of Lafayette to take his share in the elevation of Louis Philippe to the throne.

When the American people were fighting to free themselves from the rule of the king of England, the Marquis de Lafayette helped them with men and money.

In addition to these non-marine formations of the west, there is the widespread Lafayette formation, which covers niuch of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plain, reaching far to the north from the western Gulf regio,1, and having uncertain limits, so far as now worked out, in various directions.

General Lafayette first landed on American soil at Georgetown on the 24th of April 1 777.

It seems probable that the Lafayette formation of the Gulf coastal plain is continuous northward and westward with gravel deposits on the Great Plains, washed out from the Rocky Mountains to the west.