Sentence Examples with the word lado

The difficulty was adjusted in 1906 when the Congo State abandoned all claims to the Ghazal province (whence its troops were withdrawn during 1907), and it was agreed to transfer the Lado enclave to the Sudan six months after the death of the king of the Belgians.

An agreement with Great Britain, concluded in May 1906, provided for the continuation of this line from the Congo State frontier through the Lado Enclave to the navigable channel of the Nile near the station of Lado, a steamboat and railway service across Africa from the Congo mouth to the Red Sea being thus arranged.

Under the terms of this agreement the Lado enclave was incorporated in the Sudan in 1910.

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Jabir is the capital of the Welle district, and in the Lado Enclave on the upper Nile the principal places are Rejaf, Lado and Dufile.

Congo State forces had penetrated to the Nile valley as early as 1891, but it was not until 1897, when on the 17th of .February Commandant Chaltin inflicted a decisive defeat on the Mandists at Rejaf, that their occupation of the Lado Enclave was assured.