Sentence Examples with the word laden

In Beowulf the same story is told of Scyld, with the addition that when he died his body was placed in a ship, laden with rich treasure, which was sent out to sea unguided.

The head and legs are very short, and the body short, thick and wide; the jowl is heavy, the ears pricked, and the thin skin laden with long silky, wavy, but not curly, hair, whilst the tail is very fine.

But, just as Saddam has remained elusive, so have Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Umar.

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The reality of it was proved by a ship being found laden with gunpowder in the Liverpool docks, and another with s000 and 2000 pike-heads in Dublin.

Semnopithecus schistaceus was found by Captain Hutton at an elevation of 11,000 feet in the Himalayas, leaping actively among fir-trees whose branches were laden with snow-wreaths.

She hadn't outsmarted generations of deities and Immortals while laden with emotions, but she had still done it.

A merchant vessel laden with Spanish wines was sent to Lough Swilly, and anchoring off Rathmullan, where the boy was residing in the castle of MacSweeny his foster parent, Hugh Roe with some youthful companions was enticed on board, when the ship immediately set sail and conveyed the party to Dublin.

He is said to have fixed on a large and fully laden ship and to have used a mechanical device by which Hiero was enabled to move it by himself: but accounts differ as to the particular mechanical powers employed.

She emerged from the kitchen with a tray laden with coffee and its accoutrements, a slice of pie and water.

The emperor returned to the capital in 106, laden with captured treasure.