Sentence Examples with the word ladder

Gabe paced as Tamer climbed a ladder to tablets stacked at the top of one limestone shelf.

A ladder lowered, and Brady vaulted onto it, followed by Dan.

But the side ladder was not the only strange feature of the place, borrowed from the chaplain's former sea-farings.

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And above all things the young and the ignorant are to be instructed, the former by a regular gradation or ladder of parish or elementary schools, secondary schools and universities.

Then the day you fell on the ladder and I caught you - I figured you suspected then.

A railing ran round the capital of the pillar, and a ladder enabled his disciples to take him the necessaries of life.

But to this their leader as fiercely objected, reserving that priority for himself; particularly as his two comrades would not yield, the one to the other, in the matter; and both of them could not be first, for the ladder would but admit one man at a time.

At the bottom of the social ladder lay the peasants, whose condition had decidedly deteriorated.

The Ladder has been translated into several foreign languages - into English by Father Robert, Mount St Bernard's Abbey, Leicestershire (1856).

On the 18th November 1772 Scott, with the aid of a ladder and an old friend, carried off the lady from her father's house in the Sandhill, across the border to Blackshiels, in Scotland, where they were married.