Sentence Examples with the word lacuna

A scribe again who scrupulously records the presence of a lacuna or illegibility in what he is copying, inspires us with confidence in the rest of his work.

He starts from the creation and endeavours to fill up the lacuna from 1662 to his own time, 1714.

The fossa navicularis the mouth of one of these is sometimes so large that it may engage the point of a small catheter and is known as the lacuna magna.

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And introduced a few changes in the text, though some critics think that this was done by a monk of the 15th century who supplied the text of the lacuna in Heb.

In addition to the median lacuna there are two lateral lacunae, one upon each side.

The collector of the: Edda probably had the old poems recited to him in the 13th century, and where there was a break in the memory of the reciters the lacuna was filled up in prose.

The median lacuna no longer exists, but is represented by a dorsal and ventral sinus.