Sentence Examples with the word labour party

To the Labour party in that state are admitted only persons who have worked for their living at manual labour, and this qualification of being an actual worker is one that was strongly insisted upon at the formation of the party and strictly adhered to, although the temptation to break away from it and accept as candidates persons of superior education and position has been very great.

The two features of the Labour party in New South Wales are its detachment from other parties and the control of the caucus.

He was elected to the Norwich School Board in 1899, being the first candidate run by the local Labour party to win a seat on a public body.

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Manchester in 1906, when the Labour party were returned for the first time in numerical force - over 50 in all.

The one ideal which has just been described represents the Labour party from the New South Wales standpoint.

It was in conjunction with Marx and Laf argue that he drew up the programme accepted by the national congress of the Labour party at Havre in 1880, which laid stress on the formation of an international labour party working by revolutionary methods.

In consequence of the decision of the Labour party to terminate its support of the Coalition Government he resigned office in Nov.

The Labour party has been in power in Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, and has, on many occasions, decided the fate of the government on a critical division in all the states except Tasmania and Victoria.

This position the Labour party has been able to maintain with great success, owing to the circumstance that the other parties have been almost equally balanced.

The constitutional methods adopted by the body of which she was president included an alliance formed with the Labour party (1912) by which the society agreed to support Labour candidates in preference to Liberal when the latter proved unsatisfactory on the suffrage question.