Sentence Examples with the word labor

Clarke, then inspector-general of fortifications, Itrongly urged this plan, and proposed to begin at once a metre gauge railway from Suakin, to be constructed by Indian labor ander officers skilled in laying desert lines.

He began as a liberator, but various causes employed his pen; his heart was with the people, and he was understanded of them; he loved a worker, and the Songs of Labor convey the zest of the artisan and pioneer.

Two years of incessant labor with relays of artisans working steadily throughout the twenty-four hours were required to finish this piece.

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The low level of wages in many trades and the jealousies of the Chambers of Labor and other working-class organizations impede rapid development.

Com posed mainly of elements drawn from the Left, and dependent for a majority upon the support of the subversive groups of the Extreme Left, the formation of this cabinet gave the signal for a vast working-class movement, during which the Socialist party sought to extend its political influence by means of strikes and the organization of labor leagues among agricultural laborers and artisans.

Such was the object of the canal then excavated, and it answered its purpose; but the sacrifice of life was enormous (fully 20,000 workmen perished), and the labor of the unhappy fellahin was forced.

One form of trade is to exchange your labor for money.

Emigration has, however, recently assumed such proportions as to lead to scarcity of labor and rise of wages in Italy itself.

Just as I could not stand his terrible physical labor but should die of it in a week, so he could not stand my physical idleness, but would grow fat and die.

Weyl, Labor Conditions in Mexico (Washington, 1902), Bull.