Sentence Examples with the word labiate

The labiate corolla characterizes the natural order Labiatae.

Genevensis has not; both bear handsome spikes of blue labiate flowers.

Handsome labiate plants, flowering towards autumn, and preferring a cool soil and partially shaded situation.

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Between the two lips there is a gap. The throat is the part where the tube and the labiate limb join.

The cohesion is sometimes irregular, some parts uniting to a greater extent than others; thus a two-lipped or labiate calyx is formed.

Of irregular gamopetalous corollas there may be mentioned the labiate or lipped (fig.

In Labiate plants, as the dead-nettle (Lamium), the flowers are produced in the axil of each of the foliage leaves of the plant, and they appear as if arranged in a simple whorl of flowers.

Handsome labiate plants, requiring a warm and well-drained soil.

When the upper lip of a labiate corolla is much arched, and the lips separated by a distinct gap, it is called ringent (fig.

Thus, in many Caryophyllaceae, as Polycarpon and Holosteum, while the calyx and corolla are pentamerous, there are only three or four stamens and three carpels; in Impatiens Noli-me-tangere the calyx is composed of three parts, while the other verticils have five; in labiate flowers there are five parts of the calyx and corolla, and only four stamens; and in Tropaeolum pentaphyllum there are five sepals, two petals, eight stamens and three carpels.