Sentence Examples with the word lab

If, for instance, the data for the triangle are sides a and b, enclosing an angle C, the area is lab sih C.

The demon that was Ully gave a half-bark, half-roar before he smashed through the lab toward her.

The crime lab guys in Denver will be able to.

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Dusty considered her before gazing back at the mutilated creature on top of the stainless steel lab counter.

She looked unsettled at the idea of leaving her lab and looked around, as if trying to figure out what to take.

You had a lab and science symposiums.

Boss, Iggy at the lab sent me her report.

We need to talk! he called cheerfully, then spun and started toward the conference room at the end of a lab that stretched the size of a football field.

I feel terrible making him sleep in the lab room, but really, Quinn's equipment hardly makes a sound.

The lab rat flushed but saluted and ducked out of the room.