Sentence Examples with the word la fayette

See Memoires de Madame de Motteville; Victor Cousin, Madame de Hautefort (Paris, 1868); L'Abbe Sorin, Louise-Angele de La Fayette (Paris, 1893).

The kiag was obliged to recall Necker, to mount the tricolor cockade at the Hotel de Yule, and to recognize Bailly as mayor of Paris and La Fayette as commander of the National Guard, which remained in.

At the time of her death in January 1665 Mlle de La Fayette was superior of a convent of her order which she had founded at Chaillot.

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In Paris he frequented the salons of Madame de la Fayette and of the marquise de Lambert.

GILBERT MOTIER DE LA FAYETTE (1380-1462), marshal of France, was brought up at the court of Louis II., 3rd duke of Bourbon.

Many of the American officers, too, had taken offence at the close personal friendship which had sprung up between the marquis de La Fayette and Washington, and at the diplomatic deference which the commander-in-chief felt compelled to show to other foreign officers.

The unconscious drift of Washington's mind was toward the Federalist party; his letters to La Fayette and to Patrick Henry, in December 1798 and January 1799, make that evident even without the record of his earlier career as president.

A force of 30,000 was to be raised, La Fayette and Bailly, the mayor of Paris, were to be assassinated, and Paris was to be starved into submission by cutting off supplies.

Yet Mademoiselle de la Fayette and Madame d'Hautefort and others are said to have been his mistresses.

The vain attempts of the Gironde to reconcile the king and the Revolution, the ill-advised decree of the Assembly on the 8th of August, freeing La Fayette from his guilt in forsaking his army; his refusal to vote for the deposition of the king, and the suspected treachery of the court, led to the success of the republican forces when, on the 10th of August, the mob of Paris organized by the revolutionary Commune rose against the monarchy.