Sentence Examples with the word lógica

His principal works are contained in four volumes comprised under the general title Filosofia dello spirito: (1) Estetica come scienza dell' espressione e linguistica generale, (2) Logica come scienza del concetto puro, (3) Filosofia della practica: economia ed etica and (4) Teoria e storia della storiografia.

The Analytics of Aristotle now entered quite definitely into the logical thought of Scholasticism and we have the contrast of a logica vetus and logica nova .

His chief works are: De conjunctione animae et corporis humani; Exercitationes centum de cognitione Dei nostri; Logica vetus et nova; Initiatio philosophi, seu Dubitatio Cartesiana; a commentary on Descartes' Meditations; and Ars etymologica Teutonum.

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We return then to the old view of Aristotle, that truth is believing in being; that sense is true of its immediate objects, and reasoning from sense true of its mediate objects; and that logic is the science of reasoning with a view to truth, or Logica est ars ratiocinandi, ut discernatur verum a (also.

The work called The Tendencies of the Philosophers, translated in 1506, with the title Logica et Philosophia Algazelis Arabis, contains neither the logic nor the philosophy of Ghazali.

His most important works are: Lettere filosofiche (1827), in which he traces his philosophical development; Elementi di fclosofia (1832); Saggio filosofcco sulla critica della conoscenza (1819-1832); Sull' analisi e sulla sintesi (1807); Lezioni di logica e di metafisica (1832-1836); Filosofia della volontd (1832-1842, x1.14 a incomplete); Storia della filosofia (i., 1842); Considerazioni filosofiche sull' idealismo trascendentale (1841), a memoir on the system of Fichte.

In 1692 appeared his Logica sive Ars Ratiocinandi, and also Ontologia et Pneumatologia; these, with the Physica (1695), are incorporated with the Opera Philosophica, which have passed through several editions.