Sentence Examples with the word l

Powerful influences hindered them from realiz- Ear l ing their ideal.

The present population of Tunisia numbers approximately l i, 000,000, and consists of: Berbers, more or less of pure race, say.

Let S be the length of stroke of the reciprocating piece, L the length of the line of connection, and R the crank-arm of the continuously turning piece.

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His chief works were First Lines of the Practice of Physic (1774); Institutions of Medicine (1770); and Synopsis Nosologicae Medicae (1785), which contained his classification of diseases into four great classes - (t) Pyrexiae, or febrile diseases, as typhus fever; (2) Neuroses, or nervous diseases, as epilepsy; (3) Cachexiae, or diseases resulting from bad habit of body, as scurvy; L and (4) Locales, or local diseases, as cancer.

These early fortifications of the Acropolis, ascribed to the primitive non-hellenic Pelasgi, must be distinguished from the Pelasgicum or Pelargicum, which was in all prob ab i l i ty an encircling wall, built round the base of the g citadel and furnished with nine gates from which it derived the name of Enneapylon.

Of Spain gave a grant in 1585, and which opened in 1601; and of the Dominican co l lege of St Thomas, dating from 1611.

A is the calorimetric tube, B the air-jacket and L the gauge.

Then, Since Every Year Which Is Not A Leap Year Ends With The Same Day As That With Which It Began, The Dominical Letter Of The Following Year Must Be L 1, Retrograding One Letter Every Common Year.

IKKAnata6ri l s; Jerome concionator), one of the Wisdom Books of the Old Testament (see Wisdom Literature).

This relation cannot be directly integrated, so as to obtain the equation for the saturation-pressure, unless L and v - w are known as functions of 0.