Sentence Examples with the word kurd

By race Saladin was a Kurd of Armenia.

Little is known of the part of Syria which lies within the folded belt, and includes the Amanus and Kurd mountains.

Marash is prosperous, and has a large trade in Kurd carpets and embroideries.

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While propaganda and counter-propaganda were busy throughout northern and central Kurdistan, in May 1919 Sheikh Mahmud, who conceived that he had received ill-treatment at British hands in his capacity of governor of southern Kurdistan, effected a coup de main by which he filled Sulaimani town with Persian Kurd freebooters.

Of these tribes the most numerous are the Modaunlu, Khojehvand and Abdul Maleki, originally of Lek or Kurd stock, besides branches of the royal Afshar and Kajar tribes of Turki descent.

This policy gave rest to the country, but favoured the growth of Kurd influence and power, which by 1 534 had spread westwards to Angora.

In 1845 the town was held for a time by the Kurd chief Khan Mahmud, who eventually surrendered and was exiled.

The Kurd and Nestorian tribes in the wilder parts of the Hakkiari Mountains are under slight government control, and are permitted to pay tribute and given selfgovernment in a large degree.

The population is largely Armenian and Kurd with some Turks (Moslems 500,000, Christians 140,000).

Six children survived him: Prince Yussuf Izz-ed-din, born 1857; Princess Saliha, wife of Kurd Ismail Pasha; Princess Nazime, wife of Khalid Pasha; Prince Abd-ul-Mejid, born 1869; Prince Seif-ed-din, born 1876; Princess Emine, wife of Mahommed Bey; Prince Shefket, born 1872, died 1899.