Sentence Examples with the word kunst

There is not very much variety among these treatises, one of the earliest, valuable on account of its rarity, is the block-book by Hartlieb, Die Kunst Ciromantia, 4 published at Augsburg about 1470 (probably, but it bears no imprint of place or date).

Schmidt in Dohme's Kunst und Kiinstler des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit (Leipzig, 1877); Ouvre de Albert Diirer reproduit et publii par Amand-Durand, texte par Georges Duplessis (Paris, 1877); C. Ephrussi, A.

Thausing, Darer, Geschichte seines Lebens und seiner Kunst (Leipzig, 1876, 2nd ed., 1884), English translation (from the 1st ed.

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His most important works are: Aesthetik (Leipzig, 1859; 3rd ed., 1885), supplemented by Die Kunst im Zusammenhang der Kulturentwicklung and der Ideale der Menschheit (3rd ed., 1877-1886); Die philosophische Weltanschauung der Reformationszeit (Stuttgart, 1847; 2nd ed., Leipzig, 1886), and Die sittliche Weltordnung (Leipzig, 1877; 2nd ed., 1891), in which he recognized both the immutability of the laws of nature and the freedom of the will.

He published a considerable number of works on art and architecture, including Die christlich-germanische Baukunst (Trier, 1852, 3rd ed., 1860); Fingerzeige auf dem Gebiete der christlichen Kunst (Leipzig, 1854); Augustus Pugin, der Neubegriinder der christlichen Kunst in England (Freiburg, 1877).

Brunn, Die Kunst bei Homer (Munich, 1868); W.

Weicker, De Sirenibus quaestiones selectae (Leipzig, 1895), in which the writer endeavours to show that the Sirens, like the Harpies, were originally the souls of the dead, their employment on tombstones expressing the desire to find a permanent abode for the souls; and Der Seelenvogel in der alten Literatur and Kunst (1902), with bibliography; J.

Current Flemish periodicals include: Onze kunst geillustreed maandschrift voor beeldende kunst (1900); Averbode's weekblad Godsdienst huisgezin moedertaal (1907); De Raadselbode tolk van den vlamschen raadselliefhebber (1901); Rechtskundig tijdschrift voor vlamsch Belgie (1901).

Modern research and criticism have been applied in Die mittelrilterliche Kunst in Palermo, by Anton Springer (Bonn, 1869); Historische Topographie von Panormus, by Julius Schubring (Lubeck, 1870); Studii di stories palermitana, by Adolf Holm (Palermo, 1880).

The influence of these studies is to be seen in the essays Ober den Grund unseres Vergnugens an tragischen Gegenstanden and Ober tragische Kunst (1792), as well as in his correspondence with his friend Kerner.