Sentence Examples with the word kumasi

The Ashanti army re-entered Kumasi on the 22nd of December.

Sartorius, who had been sent ahead with twenty Hausa only, found Kumasi still deserted.

The relieving force that marched into Kumasi consisted of moo fighting men (all West Africans), with 60 white officers and non-commissioned officers, two 75-millimetre guns, four seven-pounder guns and six Maxims.

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Part of the trade of Ashanti had been diverted to the French port of Assini in consequence of the wars waged between England and the Ashanti, but on the suppression of the revolt of 1900 measures were taken to improve trade between Kumasi and Cape Coast.

Sir Garnet determined that peace must be signed in Kumasi and continued his advance.

The railway to Kumasi from Sekondi, which was completed in 1903, passes through the auriferous region.

The skull of the governor was afterwards used at Kumasi as a royal drinking-cup. It was asserted that Sir Charles lost the battle through his ordnance-keeper bringing up kegs filled with vermicelli instead of ammunition.

Three days afterwards the Kumasi warriors attacked a party of Hausa sent with the chief object of discovering the golden stool.

Long, has been cut through the bush from Cape Coast to Kumasi, and from Kumasi ancient caravan routes go to the chief trading centres farther inland.

A fort was built in Kumasi and garrisoned with Gold Coast constabulary.