Sentence Examples with the word kublai khan

In the south-eastern portion of the Tatar city used to stand the observatory, which was built by order of Kublai Khan in 1296.

But the finishing touches to the new race were supplied by the great expulsion of Lao-Tai from south-west China by Kublai Khan in A.D.

On its conquest by the generals of Kublai Khan in 1278 the island was incorporated with the western part of the province of Kwangtung in a new satrapy, Hai-peh Hai-nan Tao, i.e.

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Japan has never been invaded in historical times, but an attempt made by Kublai Khan to conquer it was successfully repulsed.

Under the Kin dynasty the walls extended to the south-west of the Tatar portion of the present city, and the foundations of the northern ramparts of the Khan-balik of Kublai Khan are still to be traced at a distance of about 2 m.

China proper, minus these external provinces, was again united under the Sung dynasty (960-1127), but split into the northern (Tatar) and southern (Chinese) kingdoms. In the 13th century arose the Mongol power, and Kublai Khan conquered China.