Sentence Examples with the word krupp

To the south of the town stands a modern palace, defended by earthworks and Krupp guns.

The infantry was armed with the Mannlicher magazine rifle (model 1893), the cavalry with the Mannlicher carbine, the horse and field artillery with Krupp quick-firing guns.

The greater part of it is produced at or around Essen, where are the famous Krupp works, and BochUm.

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Calibre, and the batteries are provided with Krupp guns of 7 and 7.5 cm.

All these fortifications, including the additional works at Galatz and Focshani, are strongly armed with Krupp and Gruson guns.

The field and horse artillery was in I 909 in process of rearmament with a Krupp quick-firer.

This latter is shown in the Krupp equipment (Plate, fig.

Many states have been for a considerable time supplied by Krupp with steel guns and battleship plates.

In the Krupp arc From Treatise on Service sight (see Plate, fig.

The first place amongst the industries is taken by the ironworks (one being a branch of the Krupp firm, the Grusonwerke, employing about 4000 hands), which produce naval armour and munitions of war.