Sentence Examples with the word kris

Jade had disappeared after Kris sent him away in hopes that Katie would become his mate.

Besides the short kris, the Malays use long straight kris with very narrow blades, shorter straight kris of the same form, short broad swords called sundang, long swords of ordinary pattern called pedang, somewhat shorter swords curved like scimitars with curiously carved handles called chenangkas, and short stabbing daggers called tumbok lada.

He shifted in the brush, wishing he found a better way to draw out Kris and Sasha than by sacrificing everyone.

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Emerald was the color of Kris thinking, and Jade.s favorite hue.

Jade waited, and Kris held his gaze in silence.

The second looked like Kris in his younger days, when his face still glowed with hope.

As he stood alone in the jungle, Kris couldn't help feeling as though he'd failed some test, one Rhyn wouldn't fail.

I want my revenge against Sasha and Kris both, but there are innocent people there.

Had died, and the only person he.d betrayed was Sasha, whose death Kris might eventually reward him for by welcoming Jade back into his life and his bed.

Unless Sasha posed a direct threat to the Council, Kris was forbidden from buying an assassination, despite suspecting his brother wasn.t as innocent as he proclaimed.