Sentence Examples with the word kraft

This view can be briefly stated as follows: Everywhere in the wide realm of observation we find three distinct 1 See Vogt, Physiologische Briefe (1845-1847); Moleschott, Der Kreislauf des Lebens (1852); Buchner, Kraft and Stoff (1855).

In 1847 Helmholtz read to the Physical Society of Berlin a famous paper, Ober die Erhaltung der Kraft (on the conservation of force), which became one of the epoch-making papers of the century; indeed, along with J.

Work Kraft and Stoff (1855), which became a kind of B textbook of materialism.

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I believe he went by three names, like those serial killer; John Wayne Gacy, Randy Stephen Kraft and guys like that.

The 2nd and 4th Austrian corps found themselves all at once threatened in flank and rear by heavy masses of Prussian infantry, the leading brigades of the crown prince's army, and they began to withdraw towards the centre of their position in ordered brigade masses, apparently so intent on keeping their men in hand that they seem never to have noticed the approach of the Prussian reserve artillery of the Guard which (under Prince Kraft zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen) was straining forward over heavy soil and through standing corn towards their point of direction, a clump of trees close to the tower of the church of Chlum.

In 1852 he became lecturer in medicine at the university of Tubingen, where he published his great work Kraft and Stoi' (18J5).

From Holberg's college of Sorb, two learned professors, Jens Schelderup Sneedorff (1724-1764) and Jens Kraft (1720-1765), disseminated the seeds of a wider culture.