Sentence Examples with the word kraal

Enough, however, remains to show that the scheme was a combination of such a stone kraal as that at Nanatali with the plan of a fort like those found about Inyanga.

Taungs has some 22,000 inhabitants, being the chief kraal of the Batlapin tribe.

After the fight the royal kraal was burned.

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The royal kraal was again destroyed and Ulundi ceased to be a rallying point.

About a mile from the kraal on the 4th of July 1879 a Zulu army some 20,000 strong was totally defeated by Lord Chelmsford.

Cetywayo was reinstalled on the 29th of January 1883 by Shepstone, but his enemies, headed by Usibepu, attacked him within a week, and after a struggle of nearly a year's duration he was defeated and his kraal destroyed.

He went thence to Dingaan's kraal with the object of securing a formal cession of territory to the Dutch farmers.

After the defeat Dingaan set fire to the royal kraal (Umgungindhlovu) and for a time took refuge in the bush; on the Boers recrossing the Tugela he established himself at Ulundi at a little distance from his former capital.

The last king to occupy it was Cetywayo; Dinizulu's kraal was farther north near the Ndwandwe magistracy.

Before this embassy started, news came that Chaka had been murdered (23rd of September 1828) at a military kraal on the Umvote about fifty miles from Port Natal.