Sentence Examples with the word krönen

The Vienna Creditors' Association for the protection of claims in bankruptcies had in 1909- It fresh failures with liabilities of 45, 40 and 43 millions of kronen respectively.

The value of the American dollar, in terms of AustroHungarian paper kronen with legally fixed value, varied in fact, as shown by the Swiss exchange market, as follows: - State Finances.

His programme was to be an honourable mediator in the German-Bohemian quarrel, to extend the railway system, and to satisfy the wishes of the Poles in the waterways question by an expenditure of 73.4 million kronen on canal construction in Galicia, to which Galicia was to contribute only 9.4 million kronen, the State finding the other 64, and by an expenditure of 125 millions on river improvements, 99 of which would be contributed by the State.

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For the time until the 1st of July 1908, however, the old gulden were left in circulation, payments made in them, at the rate of two kronen to one gulden, being legal up to any amount.

The budgets of 1919 and 1920 disclosed deficits of 5 billion and 3 billion kronen respectively, but in that for 1921 the revenue slightly exceeded the expenditure.