Sentence Examples with the word kola

Eruptive rocks of Palaeozoic age are met with in the Kola peninsula (nepheline-syenites) and at Kuusamo (syenite).

From the mouth of Kola Bay.

Finland and on the Kola peninsula, and the Samoyedes in Archangel and W.

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Of this class are the swampy plateaus of the Kola peninsula, sloping gently S.

The nut of the kola tree is in great demand, and since 1905 many cocoa plantations have been established, especially in the eastern districts.

Tobacco and kola nuts are also grown.

The government is divided into nine districts, the chief towns of which areAlexandrovsk or Kola (pop. 300), Archangel, Kem (1825), Kholmogory (1465), Mezen (2040), Novaya-Zemlya (island), Pechora, Pinega (1000) and Shenkursk (1308).

Boundary is purely conventional: it crosses the peninsula of Kola from the Varanger Fjord to the Gulf of Bothnia; thence it runs to the Kurisches Haff in the southern Baltic, and thence to the mouth of the Danube, taking a great circular sweep to the W.

The Kola peninsula is, however, diversified by hills exceeding 3000 ft.

The southern part, off the Murman coast of the Kola peninsula, is sometimes called the Murman Sea.