Sentence Examples with the word koch

L-Xylose was discovered by Koch in 1886; its enantiomorph is prepared from d-gulose by Wohl's method.

However, indications furnished by Koch (16a) point in this connexion to G.

A colloidal selenium was obtained by C. Paal and C. Koch (Ber., 1905, 38, p. 526) by reducing selenious acid dissolved in an aqueous solution of sodium protalbate with hydrazine hydrate and hydrochloric acid, the precipitate obtained being then dissolved in sodium carbonate.

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For this purpose Koch ground up tubercle bacilli in an agate mortar and treated them with distilled water until practically no deposit remained.

Robineau (Saint-Omer, 1882); and Friedrich Koch (Goslar, 1885).

Methods were also improved, and the application of some of them to surgery at the hands of Lister, Koch and others has yielded results of the highest value.

He married Elise Koch in June 1862, but the following month he had an attack of pleurisy which proved the beginning of a long illness that ended only with his death.

Fortunately Germany, which at the beginning of the century was delivered over to Brownism and vitalism and was deaf to Bichat, was rescued from this sort of barrenness by the brilliant experimental work of Claude Bernard and Pasteur in France - work which, as regards the attenuated virus, was a development of that of Edward Jenner, and indeed of Schwann, Robert Koch worthily following Pasteur with his work on the bacillus of anthrax and with his discovery of that of tuberculosis; and by the cellular doctrine and abundant labours in pathology of Virchow.

Karl Koch considered that cultivated pears were the descendants of three species - P. persica (from which the bergamots have descended), P. elaeagrifolia and P. sinensis.

Wilken, Het Animisme; Koch on the animism of S.