Sentence Examples with the word knowingly

But not all of them knew of his existence; only a few of them, comparatively, had knowingly seen him; while the number who as yet had actually and knowingly given battle to him, was small indeed.

But if Moray could knowingly submit garbled evidence, Morton's oath is of no value if uncorroborated.

He dwells much more pronouncedly than Herbert on the view, afterwards regarded as a special characteristic of all deists, that much or most error in religion has been invented or knowingly maintained by sagacious men for the easier maintenance of good government, or in the interests of themselves and their class.

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Katie smiled knowingly and picked up another potato.

Cynthia looked at Dean knowingly but said nothing as Martha continued.

Immortal Code, Rule 5329: Death shall not knowingly claim a soul not on the list, he recited silently.

While refusing to acknowledge the Roman Church as the true church, he allowed it to be a true church and a branch of the Catholic body, at the same time emphasizing the perils of knowingly associating with error; and with regard to the English Church he denied that the acceptance of all its articles was necessary.

Katie grinned and winked knowingly at Carmen.

She heard his words but couldn't quite digest that Darian would knowingly destroy any world.

Owners and drivers of public conveyances must not knowingly convey any person suffering from infectious disease, and if any person suffering from such a disease is conveyed in any public vehicle the owner or driver as soon as it comes to his knowledge must give notice to the medical officer.