Sentence Examples with the word knotted

West of this range, and lying between the 10th parallel and the Caribbean coast, is a remarkable group of lofty peaks and knotted ranges known as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest snowcrowned summit of which rises 17,389 ft.

Say he were pinioned even; knotted all over with ropes and hawsers; chained down to ring-bolts on this cabin floor; he would be more hideous than a caged tiger, then.

Of furniture, and high prices are often given for the gnarled and knotted portions of slowly-grown trees, to be sawn into veneers.

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They were too deep and knotted to be from the daggers or the whip or the hand strikes of his master and his master's men.

Myres shows that the costume consists of three parts - the loin-cloth itself, a white wrapper or kilt worn over it, and a knotted girdle which secured the whole and perhaps played its part in producing and maintaining the wasp waists characteristic of the Aegean race.

Reaching around her, he knotted it securely about her waist before forcibly disengaging her.

Darian rubbed his face, his fingers running the length of where the deepest and most knotted scar had been.

It is properly an oval formed by a rope knotted at one end.

Half her face was knotted with horrible scars, the other half displaying skin close to the same shade as the white pillowcase beneath her.

After having been some time in a training stable, a lad is put on a quiet horse at exercise; his stirrups are adjusted, and the reins knotted for him at a proper length.