Sentence Examples with the word knots

The multiplication of thongs for purposes of flogging is found in the old Roman flagellum, a scourge, which had sometimes three thongs with bone or bronze knots fastened to them.

It fastens in front by a flap, having two small buttons or knots at the left shoulder, and seldom comes below the hips.

Dean finally freed the last of the knots and Fred rose, pulling up his pants, staggered a step or two and sat back down.

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With great effort, he worked the knots free from her hair and braided it one last time.

Darkyn was always too far ahead of her, twisting her into knots to keep her in place.

The syrinx consisted of a varying number of reeds, having their open ends or embouchures in a horizontal line and their stopped ends, formed by the knots in the reed, gradually decreasing in length from left to right.

Rajputs also wear this thread, similar in make and length, but the knots are different.

Sometimes a 30-second glass is used instead of a 28-second one, and the intervals between the knots on the log-line are then made 50 ft.

Evidence of the same kind is afforded by the shape of the knots and concretions sometimes present in the slate.

The danger, of course, was absurdly exaggerated; as indeed was proved by the very popularity of the repressive measures to which the government thought it necessary to resort, and which gave to the vapourings of a few knots of agitators the dignity of a widespread conspiracy for the overthrow of the constitution.