Sentence Examples with the word knock on

Dean took the opportunity to knock on Martha's door and step inside.

That was when some inconsiderate soul decided to knock on their door.

For the second time in a few minutes, there was a knock on the door.

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Before Dean could let loose with a torrent of pithy comments, there was another knock on the door and Donnie entered the room.

They entered a quieter wing, and Jenn stopped to knock on a closed door.

There was a knock on the door and before Dean could respond, Corday entered.

Cynthia took up a pencil and paper again and began listing the different letters but almost as soon as they'd begun, they were interrupted by a soft knock on the door.

A knock on the door brought only silence.

Before Dean could answer, there was a knock on the front door and he rose to answer it.

I'd better get cracking on that, knock on doors or something.