Sentence Examples with the word knighthood

To distinguished soldiers of the cross the honours and benefits of knighthood could hardly be refused on the ground that they did not possess a sufficient property qualification - of which perhaps they had denuded themselves in order to their equipment for the Holy War.

He was now an old man of seventy-seven years, honoured with the friendship of princes, recognized as the most distinguished of Italian humanists, courted by pontiffs, and decorated with the laurel wreath and the order of knighthood by kings.

Two modes of conferring knighthood appear to have prevailed from a very early period in all countries where chivalry was known.

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And it was long after knighthood had acquired its present meaning with us that chivalry was incorporated into our language.

For the more important religious as distinguished from the military orders of knighthood or chivalry the reader is referred to the headings ST John Of Jerusalem, Knights Of; Teutonic Knights; and Templars.

He received the supreme honour of the knighthood of the Annunziata from King Humbert in 1898.

In his own case when he received knighthood from the duke of Somerset.

While knighthood was avoided by poor nobles, it was coveted by rich citizens.

For the Italian orders of knighthood see KNIGHTHOOD AND CHIVALRY: Orders of Knighthood.

There are no orders for natives, and such distinctions as are conferred by the different coloured buttons of the mandarins, the grades indicated by the number of peacocks' feathers, the gift of the yellow jacket and the like, are rather insignia of rank or personal marks of honour than orders, whether of knighthood or merit, in the European sense.