Sentence Examples with the word knife-edge

The load is received upon four knife-edges, so that on the average each knife-edge receives only one-fourth of the load, and, as will be seen, it is immaterial whether the load is received equally by the four knife-edges or not, which is essential to the useful application of these machines.

Therefore for balances of precision the end knife-edges are fixed on the top of the beam so as to present a continuous unbroken knife-edge, and the fulcrum knife-edge is also made continuous, the beam being cored out or cut away to admit of the introduction of the stand bearing.

The cam shaft and the cam then begin to revolve, and the flitch-plate is gradually lowered till the knife-edge bearings of the hopper are received on the knife-edges of the main measuring levers, and the load is then weighed by the levers and the spring-balance.

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These levers are of the Board of Trade, by permission of the Controller carried by knife-edge of H.M.

The knife-edge and its bearing are both of steel or agate, and the bearing surface is flat.

For the above reasons spring balances are nbt in general so accurate as knife-edge machines.