Sentence Examples with the word knack

Their first cost is great and they are dangerous for new men, as they require constant alertness, presence of mind, and a certain knack in using them.

She's also got a knack for weapons.

He was also a favorite with Darian's advisors and court, with a knack for connecting with everyone, even the servants.

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Good old Jerome has a knack for making enemies.

Capture begins among the lower tribes with the hand, without devices, developing knack and skill in seizing, pursuing, climbing, swimming, and maiming without weapons; and proceeds to gathering with devices that take the place of the hand in dipping, digging, hooking and grasping; weapons for striking, whether clubs, missiles or projectiles; edged weapons of capture, which were rare in America; piercing devices for capture, in lances, barbed spears, harpoons and arrows; traps for enclosing, arresting and killing, such as pens, cages, pits, pen-falls, nets, hooks, nooses, clutches, adhesives, deadfalls, impalers, knife traps and poisons; animals consciously and unconsciously aiding in capture; fire in the form of torches, beacons, burning out and smoking out; poisons and asphyxiators; the accessories to hunting, including such changes in food, dress, shelter, travelling, packing, mechanical tools and intellectual apparatus as demanded by these arts.

Lysias excels in vivid description; he has also a happy knack of marking the speaker's character by light touches.

I have a knack for spotting traitors.

Her cousin can Travel and has a knack for weapons she's hiding from Jessi.

Having a happy knack of estimating character, especially when acquainted with the histories of the persons in question, the good pastor contrived to write a graphic and readable book, but one much inferior to Porta's or Aristotle's as a systematic treatise.

Just recalling how dangerous a female Guardian warrior with a knack for manipulating others can be.